[[ Closing the blog

The problem is with me, I don’t have the passion that I used to have for this blog

And lately I’m really no into it. 

I’m so sorry, but if still want to keep contact with me you can follow my personal with no problem, maybe I need a longer hiatus, because I don’t want to take care of this ask blog.

I’m really sorry .

If one day I want to come back with this blog I’ll.

but for now maybe the hiatus will continue I’m really sorry]]




Or not but I’m pretty sure I’ll probably I’m going to quit this blog

I’m still deciding, but I’m really almost sure about it!]

((Instead of trying to delete the blog, maybe you should try to take a long break from the blog instead? Early in the summer my muse for one of my ask blogs completely dried up on me, and it wasn’t until late-July that my muse began to kick again. If I hadn’t taken a break I’m not sure if my muse would have ever returned.

Either that or you can try to give text-based RP a shot instead of pictures. It’s what kept my interest in my blog before my muse died, and with the right people it can be really fun!


These are merely my ideas for an alternative to deleting the blog, but if you feel that this is the only way, then I understand.))

[[thanks, that helps a lot]]


Or not but I’m pretty sure I’ll probably I’m going to quit this blog

I’m still deciding, but I’m really almost sure about it!]

[omg I think, I don´t know

I don´t know if I close this blog or not

I do like this blog a lot but lately I´ve lost my passion for this blog, maybe it´s the huge hiatus on LOK, or maybe it´s me, or maybe it´s me and the hiatus

I´m sorry I don´t know what to do, to be really hosnet

I´m really sorry ]]

[hey guys, long time no see

I’m readapting to my new schedule so yeah, it might take a little time for me to start answering things, and hey 520 followers, thank you babies, :D

My classes are back and now they are during the night so yeah I still have to redo my schedule and now I’ve started a all day classes of animation during saturdays, so I still have to do some things.

If some one wants to do a guest answer it would be really helpful for me :) 

Send me ask and we can talk about it ˆ_ˆ


maybe switch characters?

that’s the problem

I love being Pema


[[I have been thinking

Lately I haven’t had the passion that I had before for this ask blog

I don’t know what to do.

I won’t close this blog, heavens no, I do love this blog and everybody.

But I have this role playing blocked for Pema, I don’t know what happened, really.

I still thinking that I’m on hiatus for too long and I should came back, but when I say to myself okay lets do it something blocks me completely, I can’t have the crazy Pema feeling that I was having before.

So what should I do? I won’t close this blog, I promise]]